Monday, February 20, 2006

Anchor Bay Announces Soon-To-Be-Broken Street Date!

Dread Central says Anchor Bay Entertainment is now reporting a Dellamorte Dellamore Cemetery Man DVD street date of June 13, 2006. Meanwhile, no change at the official ABE website. Huzzah!... ?

If anybody believes anything Anchor Bay says regarding this DVD anymore, you deserve to have a bouncing head bite you in the neck. The company has certainly long-ago wiped away any built-up benefit-of-the-doubt goodwill, by botching nearly every single Dario Argento release, including two in the last year. Me, I don't believe it until death, death, death comes sweeping down, and that little silver disc is in my house.

"I'm pointing this at you, Anchor Bay."

Well, raise a glass of red wine, and here's to crying, waiting, waiting, waiting, and hoping. Hold onto your R2's, folks!

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