Friday, April 20, 2007

This Summer's Biggest Superhero Sequel!!!

Well. I had nothing to do with this.

I wish I had, though.

The very, very patient and/or very stoned will be rewarded.

Van Helsing 2 is probably, scientifically speaking, more entertainment than Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four Meets Surfman and United 93* combined! Just as a warning, 1) Van Helsing 2 is an entire feature film, and 2) it will ruin your ability to enjoy all movies, forever.

*Please note: I did not see the first 92 United movies, so I didn't see the sequel. Therefore, this calculation may be slightly skewed.


jml said...

Neat! I am going to swipe you poster and put it on my site, OK? I will link to you blog wiffit, too. Van2's 1st review!

Chris Stangl said...

Yes! VH1 has nothing on VH2!

Janani said...

this just occurred to me, and is not at all van helsing-related.

what has been your most memorable film-related dream? have you ever dreamed yourself into the action? altered the course of events? found yourself rendered into black and white? have you ever made a piece of FANDREAMART?


Janani said...

i suppose the properer term for fandreamart - or dreams in general - would be "somnofic." which is not to be confused with the wasteland of sopori-fic.


Chris Stangl said...

janani -
Yeah, I dream about movies - and TV - all the time. I don't generally write about it, because it's obnoxious to talk about your dreams. I have posted about some M*A*S*H dreams, and once about a Roger Corman dream. I had constant, terrible nightmares about the classic horror movies that obsessed me as a child. I dream about DAWN OF THE DEAD a lot, being trapped in the Monroeville Mall pleasuredome, which is as much a dream about the film itself, as an anxiety dream about insulating yourself against Death while preventing yourself from really living. I dream about TWIN PEAKS and BUFFY a lot; being in them, new stories, living in their towns, new outcomes for stories.

I almost always dream in color.

To be honest, I do a fair amount of fan art, and don't share it... maybe I should; Manny Farber's movie-obsessed paintings are some of his best film criticism! I used a drawing I did of a dream-scene from the X-FILES episode "Detour" as the cover page for a college paper. Uh... Oh, look out for a new EX-KIN feature that will use some somnofic art as the masthead!

Janani said...

You should share your fanart with the world, because it will certainly be better than this fantasia in Photoshop:

The Brokeback Mountain fandom is particularly interesting, given that the original story itself is a SLASHFIC and ANGSTYMANFIC beyond the wildest dreams of its (mostly female) fans. Men fucking and men feeling with no pesky women in the way! I've been working on an essay about that fandom and the major split between the wish-fulfillment faction (let them live happily ever after...) and the hardheaded realists (let us now describe Jack's demise in gruesome detail...) The BBM fanart is some of the most hideously mawkish I've ever seen, but it's still...moving. I mean, these are people's dearest fantasies. This what satisfies their souls. I guess. Something like that. If you'd like to read the essay I'd be glad to send it to you, since you seem pro-fandom and fan-foolishness.)