Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vermilion Pleasure Night, EVERY Night

I don't usually bother with "news" here, but this regards the single funniest thing I've ever seen.

This slipped my notice until today, but ADV Films began releasing volumes of "Oh! Mikey" on DVD last month. These US editions of the all-mannequin-acted Dadaist comedy sketch-turned-3-minute-sitcom save one from having to purchase outrageously expensive Japanese discs. And I mean "save," because once you've seen the brutal, bizarre and hysterical (in all senses of the word) expose of the human condition that is "Oh! Mikey", you must show them to all who will watch.

Ex-Kinetoscope's second most anticipated DVD releases of 2006 has suddenly become "Oh! Mikey" Vol. 2!

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Anonymous said...

"you must show them to all who will watch" is damn right. i thought it's so funny that people'd love it. but i was wrong. you need to choose the audience very carefully for this.