Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Meta-Post: The Pain of Multiplex Blogging

For those faithful (?) in the Kinetoscope audience still bothering to tune in regularly, only to find the station ID and a high-pitched tone perpetually burning a hole in your picture tube...

I've fallen time-and-energy victim to my other (more trafficked) blog, Permanent Monday, a daily mini-essay on Jim Davis' Garfield comic strip (no, really). Basically, I got a week behind at some point, and have vowed not to expend energy on any other writing until I'm caught up. This is foolish, because I love movies a great deal more than I do Garfield, but running two blogs is a fool's task to begin with. Exploding Kinetoscope will return by mid-week, in force, with the long, overstated, possibly crazy pieces on The Black Dahlia, and The Departed. Think of this less as a guilt-induced promise than a dull Coming Attractions reel.