Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Roger Corman vs. the Night Monsters

This Wednesday, April 5 (tomorrow!) is American hero Roger Corman's 80th birthday. As friends may know, I'm fond of taking up the Charles Griffith Little Shop of Horrors challenge and writing a script in one night. That's nothin'. To celebrate the man who closed in on the Gods, Video Watchdog impresario Tim Lucas is calling for...

Roger Corman Blog-A-Thon!

So calling all bloggers who love cheap monsters, race cars, girls with guns, blood by the bucketful, rock n' roll, or E. A. Poe. Whether you want to tip your hat to a man who shaped the youth culture of the '60s, the social critic, the handsome, devilish raconteur, the beaming exploitation huckster or the '70s Hollywood indie king grooming the next generation of filmmakers - or who did it all by the seat of his pants and without blowing a dime - your job is to make Corman the subject of April 5th's post.

You've got one day. We're ripping down the sets on Thursday.

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