Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food Party Rally

Well, I guess Food Party should be everyone's new favorite show, and is probably the best thing on television right now.

Thu Tran, renown artist and maker of glass birthday cakes, hosts a cooking show from a cardboard kitchen, hangs out with a lot of puppets and guys in wigs, and gets very little cooking done. Any further explanation is futile, inadequate, inaccurate. The IFC website has some clips, and full episodes are available on YouTube. Tran is plainly some kind of Kovacsesque TV prodigy, and an artist to keep an eye on.

Food Party neatly fills the Dada comedy void left by the end of Tim and Eric, is more perverse than Yo Gabba Gabba, and though slightly less deranged or cruel than the perfect Oh, Mikey!, is a worthy cousin in that vein.

Further Viewing: For the insatiable adventurer into the outer reaches of freeform television genius, even if you've seen every Pink Lady & Jeff and jumped through hoops to get ahold of Turn-On, the all-time champ remains the All Time Greatest Show of All Time. Mr. Charles Robert Lee is the king of this mountain. And he'll send you to the lions.


Ed Howard said...

I caught a random episode of this, with no idea what it was, where she was cooking and eating parts of her body, while her gleeful puppets egged her on. Needless to say, I laughed my ass off. It seems like such a bizarre, hilarious show.

Aram said...

"Food Party Rally", eh? Interesting. I just got my cable hooked up for the first time in four years and so far all I've watched is Buffy reruns. Thanks for the heads-up on this.