Monday, November 17, 2008

The Ballad of the Hermeneutic Circle - Pt III. - pg. 15

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10/23/07 - 11/17/08
Chris Stangl, Los Angeles


Adam Ross said...

Hell of an ending. Great job on the whole series, I really enjoyed it.

Arlen said...


Chris Stangl said...

Thank you, fellows.

Also thank you Arlen for not protesting your unauthorized cameo appearance too harshly. Consider it commemoration of the last era when you could smoke in the Deadwood before the Iowa smoking ban.

jamal said...

Yay!! I don't get it nor will I discuss it but I LOVES me some cool drawings! Specially of MONHSTRESS!!!!!

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

I like that the epiphany you (or your character) experience at the end of the piece doesn't teach you how to save blogging--or the world of film criticism--from the problems you earlier diagnosed. The current culture of cinephilia remains more interested in hip than in Bergman, and the answer to the question of whether anarchy always leads to cacophony is left as a probable yes. However, you (or your character) learn how to be comfortable with your role as a critic. You must be intellectually rigorous while still bleeding from your heart--you can't save all the films from fading out of mass consciousness, but it's still worth it to point out those small moments of human joy wherever we can find them.

Thanks for taking us on this highly personal journey in an entertaining form. I can't believe its been a year--get back to criticism! (I keep telling myself the same thing.)

Mose said...

Above all, I agree with Jamal. Brilliant drawings, you're torturing yourself. Parts are so obnoxiously intellectual I wish I didn't understand.
You should check out Scandinavia in real life. I had hope when you got on the plane you were going somewhere that would provide you something new, some sort of stimulation.
Yes, you're right, nobody wants to read film critics talking about film criticism.
Tom Stoppard never finished university and as a result his oeuvre is a progressively more tortured attempt to prove something intellectually. I can't say whether this is relevant. Maybe now I'm just being mean. Anyway, Stoppard's also a sort of genius. Love ya, Stangl. Miss you too.

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