Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Monsters and Spaceships and Stuff Fighting

Some of this is about movies and TVs, a lot of it is about comic books. But I figure you guys like comic books, right? Also, go see this show.

If I could have a do-over, I would probably slip Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood in there. But the thing is, I never want to do this over again.

Click for details on how I got short-term nerve damage in my thumb.

Infantino? Tarantino! Click for the Final Rounds poster color variant.


Michael Peterson said...

That's fab. I especially enjoy your Cerebus on the left, there.

Jordan said...

Hey Chris!

I know you're a big David Lynch fan. I just finished watching all of Twin Peaks. I am about to watch the movie within the next few days or so.

The way the series ended left me very shaken. I had nightmares that night, then felt close to tearing up at work all day. Part of it is the frustration of the unresolved cliffhanger ending, and part of it was...well...what happens to a certain very beloved character.

I've heard wildly different opinions on the movie from friends -- some hate it, some think it's Lynch's "scariest" movie and one of his best. I am anxiously anticipating watching it.

I guess I'm wondering what you think of the whole thing. The TV show, how the series ends, etc. I'd be very interested!


Chris Stangl said...

Jordan -

I really do think TWIN PEAKS is the best TV program in history that isn't BUFFY. Really, at its highest heights, nothing touches it (where BUFFY is consistently brilliant). TWIN PEAKS just really goes off the rails in the second season, and that's Mark Frost's doing, but also Lynch's for directing his creative attention elsewhere. Still, I just can't get enough of that world, the feeling and the characters, even when they're being mishandled, and there's a sublime moment in every episode.

I hope you enjoy FIRE WALK WITH ME, which is... It's not going to be the movie you think it will be, and maybe not the movie you think you want. It's kind of difficult. But I think it's ultimately something finer, humane and beautiful, manages to undo some of the pain of the series finale, and is maybe some kind of masterpiece.

Jordan said...

Thanks Chris!

And what a coincidence -- a few weeks ago me and my friends started watching Buffy from episode one. We're almost done with the 1st season.

Basically right now I'm watching 3 shows at the same time -- Sopranos, Buffy, and Twin Peaks. I've been having crazy dreams.