Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hilarity Fallout + a painting

Several pencilled pages for "Ballad of the Hermeblablabla" are sitting in a stack, taunting me for my inability to smear ink on them.

In the meantime, time-intensive tasks like the above comedy flyer are the kind of thing that is preventing me from movie-talk blogging. I post it here because it is vaguely film-related (all the Comedy Meltdown posters have been movie sequel parodies. I'm responsible for #'s 3-7). Plus, should you fit the profile of a person who lives in L.A., likes to laugh and/or drink alcohols and/or buy comic books (i.e.- you are me)... it's a free show, and you can go to it.

No, Nit-Picky, it is not properly a Halloween: H20 poster parody. The H20 poster stinks. Which is appropriate for the movie.

I do, however, regret the inability to reproduce the typeface used for the Halloween tagline.

Any typophiliacs recognize the ugly sans font at right?