Monday, April 07, 2008

The Ballad of the Hermeneutic Circle - Pt III. - pg. 9

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Anonymous said...

it's beautiful.

aram said...

Your use of color is magnificent. I love it how the one "real world" panel is still in monochrome. And while I am usually not a fan of using gradients in skies - I consider it lazy - in this case it works well.

if I saw this in the comic shop I'd buy it.

Chris Stangl said...

Thanks guys.

Aram - I don't like gradient skies either, unless they're Benday dots. I'm probably done with them. One of the unstated reasons for doing this is to push myself harder as a cartoonist, and I'm having to learn a lot of skills in the process. Basically, I prefer printed color comics to either be painted or flat color. But painting doesn't reproduce well for digital distribution (and takes forever), and classic faux-four-color styles look kind of dead or gaudy on computer screens; the result is I'm having to learn to paint tastefully in Photoshop. The learning curve is relatively steep, but I've got a ways to go.