Friday, December 07, 2007

The Ballad of the Hermeneutic Circle - Pt I. - pg. 5

Click to read way up close.

Next: Pt. II. More crosshatching, watercolor, assorted bitching, moaning.


The Shamus said...

That has real feeling.

Adam Ross said...

Is the cranberry on the bottle supposed to be winking at us? Nice touch.

Jonathan Lapper said...

I haven't commented here before now but I just wanted to say how incredibly well done your comic is. The artwork is beautiful and I like what you have to say. I personally can't stand people going off about the "state of film-blogging" because I feel 1) it's in its infancy so everyone is still figuring out what to do and 2) it's always the same gripes about poor writing, lack of depth and so on. The implication usually being that the person complaining about it is above it all. A certain sense of snobbish hypocrisy pervades. But yours is different. You have found a way to gripe about it in a way that genuinely digs in deeply with a profound sense of self-awareness. You're the first person talking about the "state of film blogging" that one can take seriously. Bravo!

And about that Pauline Kael observation in your previous entry - Dead on perfect! I loved reading her stuff twenty five years ago when I was in my cinephile infancy but now, more and more, I find her writings to be smug and offhandedly superior. She rarely seemed to appreciate the art of cinema, as I read her now.

Anyway, just wanted to jump in and offer words of praise and apologize for not stopping by sooner. I have been remiss in not adding your blog to my links but I shall now correct that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Nice job, Chris.

---Ed from Shoot the Projectionist.

Chris Stangl said...

Thanks for the kind words all; and yes, Adam, a Seabreeze isn't a Seabreeze without Winky Brand cranberry juice. Measures are being taken so this can wrap up by the end of the month.

You know, so there's time for lists. Because blogs need lists.

Jordan said...

Hey Chris. I was just re-reading your essay on Beetlejuice. I managed to find this online --

It's the 2nd draft of the script (i'm assuming this is legit?), apparently really different than the finished film. Not sure if you've seen it.