Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boulevard of Glamour

It's a parade of human perfection all day, every day, here in Movietown! Only the sexually attractive and well-proportioned are allowed entrance to the streets of Glitter City, where the stars shine all day long, and carouse all night!

Why it's that paragon of womanly splendor, Angelina Jolie! Never has a movie-picture performer captured the erotic feeling one gets when looking at a rubbery-skin-type android!

Star of all sizes of screens, both small and large-ish, it is truly no "Simpleton's Life" for Ms. Paris Hilton! If it were not enough to be given vast amounts of money by brithright, she is also chromosomal perfection! This reporter only wishes that in Ms. Hilton's bid to become her generation's Vincent Price, the House of Wax remake had been filmed in the 3-Dimensional Stereoscopic picture process! Va-va-va-whee!

What a catch, ladies! Hollytown is now officially renamed Hollyberg, for the pictures' hot new wunderkind, Steven Spielberg! Such a physique, and beard combined with fashion-forward ballcaps and movie-magical touch, Mr. Oscar won't know what hit him! We can all agree his movies only get better and better, and so does his handsome head!

You never know who you'll meet in Movietown U.S.A! But you can be sure they are superstars, and therefore gorgeous!

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RC said...

how great...i love those images! especially paris long neck and steven's expression!