Friday, August 04, 2006

BEFORE THEY WERE GIANTS: Attention All Los Angeles Movie Nerds!

Fireball Deluxe, sketch comedy geniuses extraordinaire, present the theatrical event of the season!

Set in the prime of the Movie Brat revolution, Before They Were Giants is a film buff's wet, wet dream. Chronicling the early adventures of American Masters of Cinema as they hang out in a beach house in Malibu, drink beer, party hardy, collect seashells, and dream the impossible dream. SEE! Steven Spielberg write his first blockbuster! WITNESS! Martin Scorsese struggle with his inner demons! EXPERIENCE! Francis Ford Coppola's insatiable appetites for power, drugs, and pasta! LAUGH! as Brian De Palma tangles with dark forces and sexual perversity!

Packed with so much '70s film in-jokery your copy of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls will spontaneously combust.

Written by and starring those young comedy upstarts Neil CAMPBELL, Michael CASSADY, Paul RUST and Exploding Kinetoscope's Chris STANGL. With opening sketch act HENDERSHAW.

Most importantly in the City of Angels, there is an enormous amount of FREE PARKING at the theater!

Click here to buy tickets now, or call (800) 594-4TIX.